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The Lozère, a fishing paradise

The Vieux Moulin campsite welcomes you for unforgettable trout fishing holidays in Lozère.

In order to make your fishing trip easier, we will meet your logistics needs: places to buy fishing licences, bait, snack baskets, various information, etc.

Fishing around Grandrieu and the campsite

Grandrieu surroundings offer an exceptional diversity of landscapes; 1st category streams, rivers and torrents, ( salmonids prevalence).
All fishing techniques are allowed: toc, fly fishing, artificial lures, grasshopper fishing.

Fishing in the river Allier

The crystal-clear waters of the Allier river are renowned for the quality of their fish; spangled trouts, graylings, minnows, gudgeons, sculpins, big barbels and chubs..

Chapeauroux river

The Chapeauroux is one of the few rivers in France that homed the three salmon species (salmon, trout and grayling). They travel 800 km from the ocean and some of them go all the way to the Chapeauroux.

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Hiking in Lozère GR & PR

In the heart of the Margeride in Lozère, in the former province of Gévaudan, the hiking trails (GR and PR) criss-cross a network of ancient Roman roads and drailles.

Come and discover the district of Grandrieu, its ten bell towers, its mills, its fountains.. in a hilly landscape with thick forests, pastures, moorland, streams and bogs.

The Grandrieu hiking association « Sentiers en Margeride », a member of the FFRP, has published a PR topographic map for short hikes with, 23 marked circular routes, categorized by difficulty level, coloured IGN maps, numerous photographs and illustrations and the essential practical information to discover the region.

Hiking routes

  • Chanteperdrix: 23.8km – 480m D+ – Time 5h to 7h – Difficulty: green – Staring from Grandrieu
  • Le Moulin de Boirelac: 22.3km – 454m D+ – Time 5h30 to 6h30 – Difficulty: green – Starting from Grandrieu
  • Courbadou: 18.6km – 339m D+ – Time 4h30 to 5h30 – Difficulty: green – Starting from Grandrieu
  • La Croix de la Gaillarde: 19.2km – 405m D+ – Time 5h to 6h – Difficulty: green – Starting from Grandrieu
  • Aubespeyre: 12.7km – 280m D+ – Time 3h to 3h30 – Difficulty: yellow – Starting from Grandrieu
  • Entraygues: 18.8km – 562m D+ – Time 5h to 6h – Difficulty: green – Starting from Grandrieu
  • Vedilhon: 14.6km – 401m D+ – Time 3h to 3h30 – Difficulty: yellow – Starting from Grandrieu
  • Le Roc de fenestre: 27.2km – 513m D+ – Time 7h to 8h – Difficulty: green – Starting from Grandrieu
  • Le Ranc de la lèbre: 19.6km – 286m D+ – Time 5h to 5h30 – Difficulty: green – Starting from Grandrieu
  • Les Fangouses: 15.6km – 226m D+ – Time 4h to 4h30 – Difficulty: green – Starting from Grandrieu
  • Le Val d’Ance: 5km – 150m D+ – Time 1h to 1h30 – Difficulty: bleue – Starting from Chambon
  • La font des poutous: 5.4km – 130m D+ – Durée de 1h à 1h30 – Difficulté: bleu – Starting from Chambon
  • Les gorges de l’allier: 10km – 239m D+ – Time 2h30 to 3h – Difficulty: yellow – Starting from Chambon
  • Le col des 3 soeurs: 10.5km – 355m D+ – Time 3h30 – Difficulty: yellow – Starting from La Panouse
  • Les Brandes: 11km – 395m D+ – Time: 3h – Difficulty: yellow – Starting from Laval Atger
  • Le Causse: 6km – 107m D+ – Time: 2h30 – Difficulty: bleue – Starting from Montgros
  • Le Puech Meyro: 8km – 144m D+ – Time: 2h40 – Difficulty: bleue – Starting from Cheyla
  • Besseyrettes: 8km – 116m D+ –Time: 3h – Difficulty: bleue – Starting from Verrières
  • Les produits fermiers: 15km – 446m D+ – Time: 5h – Difficulty: yellow – Starting from Grandrieu
  • Les 4 estrades: 8.4km – 173m D+ – Time: 3h – Difficulty: yellow – Starting from Chams
  • Le château du Fort: 14.5km – 482m D+ – Time: 4h – Difficulty: yellow – Starting from Chambon
  • Sentier Botanique: 4km – 115m D+ – Time: 1h30 – Difficulty: bleue – Starting from Grandrieu

Must-see in Lozère

Grandrieu church

Romanesque church from the 12th-13th century with 42 corbels or modillions in the cornice and very old frescos probably painted in the early 15th century.

Europe bisons Reserve

The Europe bison has been reintroduced in Margeride, where it lives in semi-liberty on more than 170 ha, the only place where they still live in the wild is in Poland.
A horse-drawn carriage ride ( sleigh in winter) will take you around the park.
A small museum on site where you will learn the history of this prehistoric times survivor.

The Wolves of Gévaudan

In the legendary Gévaudan lands, over than a hundred wolves live in semi-freedom. in a huge wooded park of several hectares.
SAINTE-LUCIE 48600 MARVEJOLS – Email: infos@loupsdugevaudan.com


La toison d’or

La Toison D'Or is a farm located in Saint-Jean-la-Fouillouse where you will discover different species of animals that produce wool: alpacas, llamas, cashmere, angora...
During the visit you will learn about the history of cowbells, shearing techniques, wool treatments.
33(0)4 66 69 53 17


The filature des calquières

La filature des Calquières located in Langogne is an industrial museum with unique machines dating from the 19th century used for wool spinning
33(0)4 66 69 25 66


The Villaret dale

Amazing leisure park unique in France situated in a small green valley offering a mix of games, art, history and nature
Great pleasure for the whole family!
48190 BAGNOLS LES BAINS 33(0)4 66 47 63 76


Bagnols les bains thermal spa

The thermal waters of Bagnols les Bains, in the upper Lot valley, have been known since Roman times for their beneficial effects. Nowadays, people come here to treat ENT and rheumatological disorders.
33(0)4 66 47 60 02
Email: bagnols@france48.com

The archaeological site of Javols

Ancient Gallo-Roman capital of the Gabale people called Anderitum


Chapeauroux gorges and viaduct

Condres castle

On the top of the promontory formed by the confluence of Allier and Chapeauroux rivers, Condres castle watched over the junction of the Régordane and Agrippa roads. The15th century fortified castle that has been reformed in the 18th century, is a good example of military architecture from the late Middle Ages.

Le Roc de fenestres

You can reach this promontory through a walking path. This peak of the Grandrieu region offers a remarkable 360° panorama view over 7 departments.
You will find an orientation table (Toposcope) which indicates the direction, and the distance to important landscape features which can be seen from this point.

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